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Plantar Fasciitis

Symptoms: soreness over heel, then progress to sharp pain, especially at the first touch to the ground after waking up from the bed. Pain would decrease after a short stroll. However, pain would aggravate again after prolonged walking.

Consequence: symptoms persist and eventually develop to osteophytes growth at the heel. Pain would disturb the biomechanics of the whole lower limb and cause back, hip, knee and ankle pain.

Causes: overweight; wear high-heeled shoes; flat feet; prolonged walking are common causes of plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis introduction:
Feet are the base of a person. If the base is not stable enough, the upper part of the body would also be affected. Plantar fasciitis is related to overuse and over-loading of lower limbs. Thus, common causes of plantar fasciitis are prolonged walking, standing, loading and unsuitable shoes wearing


Insoles: suitable insoles can help correct the biomechanics of the feet.

Chiropractic adjustment: focus on the sole, release the muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

Exercise therapy: feet muscles strengthening exercise together with a proper posture, damage to the feet can be minimized.

Physiotherapy: ultrasound, interferential therapy, etc. are used to promote the blood circulation and relieve inflammatory responses.

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