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Frozen Shoulder

Symptoms: the most obvious symptoms are pain and joint stiffness which may lead to insomnia. Patients cannot perform actions like raising hands, combing hair, wearing clothes and hand behind back.

Consequence: frozen shoulder would cause large area neck and shoulder pain. Afterwards, tension around shoulder joint would increase with neck function decreased, leading to cervical nerve roots disorder. Because of pain, patients are deterred from moving the painful shoulder joint. After series of inflammatory responses around the shoulder joint, fibrosis of tendons developed. Nervous transmission is thus blocked and causes muscle atrophy in the end.

Causes: idiopathic

Frozen shoulder introduction: excessive shoulder muscles tension hinder the joint range of motion. Immobilization of the shoulder joint causes soft tissues inflammation and joint dislocation. Complications such as severe pain and joint stiffness would be reported. Females are more prevalent to have frozen shoulder than males.

The earlier the diagnosis is made and start treatment, the better the prognosis would be. Patients should comply to the treatment protocol so as to maximize the treatment effects.

Chiropractic adjustment: revitalize stiff shoulder joint.

Chiropractor ART treatment: heat treatment plus passive joint mobilization help break the adhesion and increase the joint range of motion.

Exercise therapy: shoulder muscle strengthening exercise with proper posture would minimize damage to the shoulder joint.

Medications: NSAIDs

Physiotherapy: electrical modalities, e.g. shortwave diathermy, ultrasound, interferential therapy would be used to relieve inflammatory responses and release muscle spasm. With promoted blood circulation around the shoulder, passive mobilization would be more effective in restoring the range of motion.

TENS: domestic use for symptomatic relief.

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