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Sciatic Pain

Symptoms: pain over lumbar region, usually with numbness sensation along the hip region and radiates down to the leg. Symptoms would be aggravated by coughing and sneezing. For severe cases, complications like absence of lower limb reflexes and muscle atrophy would exist.

For chronic cases, conditions would deteriorate and develop Cauda-equina Syndrome which may cause incontinence.

Consequence: prolapsed intervertebral discs, ITB abrasion, piriformis syndrome, etc.

Cause: prolapsed intervertebral disc, osteophytes or interverbral foramen stenosis would cause compression on the nerve roots. In addition, sports injury, repetitive motions and improper posture would also give rise to sciatic pain.

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Sciatic pain introduction
Sciatic nerve is formed by spinal nerve roots L4, L5, S1, S2, S3. If the sciatic nerve is irritated by the spinal joint disorder, symptoms like pain, numbness and muscle atrophy are known as sciatic pain.

Spinal dislocation is a common spinal disorder which would cause interverbral foramen stenosis and develop numbness sensation.

Prolapsed intervertebral disc is caused by high intervertebral pressure or spontaneous degeneration, leading to a disc protrusion compresses on the nearby nerve roots and causes symptoms.

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