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Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

New York Medical Group are consist of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other health professionals who work exclusively with the human musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Chiropractic therapy is an alternative form of body healing that does not involve drugs or surgery. It includes a variety of manual and nonmanual techniques, such as spinal manipulation and trigger-point therapy. Most of our Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), pass the national board exam in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.Chiropractors in the chiropractic profession can be specialized in the fields such as:

Chiropractic Orthopedic: specialize in treating bones, muscles, joints and tendons that are affected by injury, defects, lesions or diseases. Common chiropractic treatments include the following: manipulative procedures, exercise, ultrasound, massage, electrical muscle stimulation and rehabilitation.

Chiropractic Neurology: doctors involves treating musculoskeletal health problems associated with the central nervous system and brain-based neurological disorders. Doctor will treat conditions such as headaches, vertigo, head injury, attention disorders and developmental disorders. Chiropractor will use noninvasive techniques, such as manual adjustments, breathing exercises, eye exercises and cognitive exercises.

Sports Medicine: doctors will treat injuries and conditions common to athletes, such as sprains, Achilles tendonitis and torn ACLs of the knee. Common chiropractic techniques you will use include the following: stretching exercises, thermotherapy, massage therapy, active release techniques, manipulations and re-educational exercises.

Chiropractic Radiology: doctors will use advanced technological imaging devices--such as ultrasonography, plain film radiography, digital radiography and magnetic resonance imaging--to evaluate and diagnose abnormalities of the human anatomy. Most of the doctors time will be spent providing consultation services to other doctors and recommending certain clinical treatments.

Other Fields and Alternative Careers Besides the specialties listed above, several additional chiropractic fields are available in which doctors can pursue a career, such as applied chiropractic sciences, family practice, industrial consulting, internal disorders and pediatrics. Also, doctors can choose from several related medical fields if you want an alternative career, including physical therapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, medicine, surgery and podiatry.

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy. A type of health care, physiotherapy concerns itself with providing physical healing methods for many different kinds of injuries and illnesses. Some of these techniques are done in a hands-on manner, by using massage or manipulation of the musculo-skeletal system. Knowing what is physiotherapy is crucial to getting this kind of help.

Education is a part of what is physiotherapy. A physiotherapist will teach a patient how to care for their injuries. He will teach exercises to do at home so that therapy can continue beyond the walls of the clinic or hospital. He will teach ways to overcome difficulties that cannot be cured.

Another part of what is physiotherapy is rehabilitation. Patients have injuries from sports, car accidents, or assault. These injuries can be treated through physiotherapy. Given the right treatments and an injury that will respond to treatment, much progress can be made. Full functioning may be regained. It may even be possible for them to go back to work rather than being laid up at home.

An answer to what is physiotherapy is what kinds of treatments physiotherapists use. Heat, ice, and ultrasound are used to relieve pain and stiffness. Massage, chiropractic, and other hands-on methods are important. All these methods tend to promote better health, both physical and psychological.

Equipment for helping patients regain their strength and mobility are a part of what is physiotherapy. This equipment may allow a person who is partially paralyzed to get the most exercise possible. This is crucial in maintaining the integrity of their spines and muscles.

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

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