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Shoulder Exercises

**Warning:If you have any increase in pain, dizziness, trouble breathing, or begin to feel sick with exercises, stop and contact your doctor.

Upper Trap Stretch

1) Sit upright in a chair and place one hand on your head, and the other behind your back.
2) Gently pull your head to the side while looking forward for 10 seconds.

Rotate shoulders

1) Keep your elbows bent and Lift up both hands at your side.



2) Rotate shoulders backward and meanwhile bend your body to the right and then to the left. Hold and slowly return for 10 times.




Look Up Stretch

1) Sit upright and place both hands behind the neck.
2) Move your neck upward and look up for 10 seconds.




Pec Stretch

1) Sit upright in a chair and place both hands behind your back.
2) Clasp your hands together and reach upward, keeping your elbows straight for 10 seconds.
You should feel a stretch in the front of your chest.

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